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No matter if you’re working on your personal brand or a business brand, you need to take time to focus on your SEO. There are many facets of SEO and steps you can take to improve it, whether on your website, through marketing, or on social media profiles. If you’re trying to bring attention to your brand, you need to put careful thought into your SEO and find ways to improve it. Figure out what steps are most viable for your brand and then implement them. Enhancing your brand’s SEO makes it more likely you’ll be noticed online and helps lead to more business and brand recognition.

Focus on local SEO

One of the first steps to take, particularly if you’re a business, is to work on your local SEO. If you want to reach people in the area, you’ll need to optimize local listings. Make sure you have accurate information on business sites and claim your Google My Business profile. Mention your location in every possible way instead of leaving out that information. Google will quickly pick up on the area you operate out of and adjust accordingly.

Refresh your website

If it’s been a while since you’ve updated your website or you aren’t sure if it was built with SEO in mind, it’s time for a refresh. Either hire an expert in SEO who can audit your website or learn how to do it yourself and make sure your site has what it needs to competitively rank on Google.

Research keywords

As you’re working on your SEO strategy for your brand, it’s important to know what keywords you want to target. There should be one main keyword, likely the name of your brand, and then secondary keywords that are more specific. Weave your keywords into aspects of your website, social profiles, and content to show that they’re all connected and relevant.

Utilize media

If you aren’t already utilizing pictures and videos for your brand, start doing so. Google is more likely to rank media, especially when it’s optimized and clearly connected to your keyword. Learn how to use proper SEO tactics for media and then start creating content.

Work on quality content

In addition to media, create written content that you can organically weave your keywords into. This content can be posted to your website and shared across social profiles. Using SEO for content marketing makes it more likely to get noticed and draw people back to your sites.