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As an entrepreneur, you spend a large portion of your time focusing on your company. So much of your life is dedicated to developing and growing the business that it can certainly feel overwhelming at times. While it’s important to remember to occasionally step back and take a break, it can feel nearly impossible to accomplish this goal when you need to focus on the company. Putting so much energy and time into a business often leads to burnout for entrepreneurs because they simply cannot find time to take a break. However, when burnout does happen, it can be catastrophic for many entrepreneurs, especially if they haven’t taken steps to minimize the consequences of burnout or prevent it from happening in the first place. Here are some ways you can minimize the risk and effects of burnout as an entrepreneur.

Practice self care

One of the most important steps to avoiding burnout is practicing self care. When your entire life revolves around your business, it might seem hard to accomplish this task. However, finding even a little time every day to focus on yourself can go a long way. Spend time reading each night, take a walk outside, get some exercise in; any of these things or other hobbies you enjoy can be extremely beneficial.

Delegate tasks

A problem many entrepreneurs have is knowing how to delegate important tasks to other people. You may feel as though you’re the only one who truly understands your business, what’s best for it, and cares the most, but there are other people around you who can help. Consider assigning trusted employees to work on a project or see if you can outsource some tasks that take up too much of your time. As your business grows, you’ll never be able to handle everything yourself, so learn to delegate.

Know what causes stress

As you go about your week, begin identifying what causes you the most stress. Understanding where your stress is coming from makes it easier to tackle it. You’ll be better prepared to face it and may find that you can even tweak specific stressors to cause less anxiety or could be completely changed so they’re stress-free.

Stay organized

If you lack organization within your business and in your life in general, it can often lead to burnout. Learn how to organize your schedule and business so you aren’t rushing from place to place or worrying you forgot a crucial meeting or deadline. Keep your calendar up-to-date and synced on your computer and phone. It can also be helpful to keep a physical planner with you as well.

Create a support system

When you’re spending copious amounts of time at work, it’s common to neglect relationships outside of work. However, a support system is critical to avoid burnout. Remember to take time to touch base with your friends and family and even open up to them when you’re feeling overwhelmed by the life of an entrepreneur.