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One of the most beneficial ways for a professional to advance in their career is by learning from someone with more knowledge and experience than them. If you’re advanced in your career, it is a great idea to give back to newer professionals who could use advice and guidance as they navigate their journeys. If you’re already a mentor, follow these tips to become even better at what you do and give your mentee effective advice.

Learn to listen

As a mentor, you’ll be spending a lot of time listening to your mentee. Too many people do not know what it means to actively listen to someone else. Your mentee is there to learn from you, but you’ll need to have an understanding of their specific questions and goals in order to effectively serve as their mentor. Learn to listen to them and give them plenty of opportunities to talk about themselves and their goals.

Offer up resources

As you get to know your mentee better, you’ll have a clear idea of the kind of advice they’re looking for and what resources could help them on their career paths. Find useful personality quizzes, online classes, networking events, and articles that they can utilize to gain new skills and pursue their goals.

Set clear expectations

At the beginning of working with your mentee, make sure you set clear expectations. Ask them what they’re looking for out of your relationship and what their short and long term career goals are. Then, set expectations for the both of you so you’re on the same page.

Help them connect

If you’re an experienced professional, you’re bound to have an extensive network. Think about ways you can tap your network that would benefit your mentee. Is there someone you could get them in touch with who has job opportunities in the industry your mentee wants to work in? Do you know someone who can speak to some area you cannot? Simply setting up introductions with a few relevant people in your network can go a long way.

Put in work

Being a mentor is supposed to take effort on your part and require focus. If you want to be a better mentor, you need to put the time in to regularly meet with your mentee, have meaningful conversations, and provide them with resources and connections that’ll help them grow their careers.

Treat them as an individual

It’s important to remember that every mentee you work with is a unique person. There’s no single method of mentorship that’s effective for everyone, so work to get to know who your mentee is as a person. Once you treat them as an individual, you’ll find it’s easier to connect and know how you can specifically help them.