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Open office setups – your employees either love or hate them. People have drastically different opinions about open offices and sometimes these opinions can change in a matter of hours. However, there are lots of benefits to open office setups. If you manage this type of office layout correctly, you’ll see the many benefits and help your employees see them as well. If you have a smaller company or lots of younger workers, an open office plan is definitely worth trying out and can work well for your business.

Easy collaboration

Collaboration is the key to innovation in an office. When everyone is hidden away in their own offices, it’s incredibly difficult for employees to make the effort and collaborate on projects and ideas. Making it as easy as possible for employees to work on projects together encourages collaboration and the quality of work.

Flexibility in movement

There’s flexibility in movement for employees and for the physical aspects of your office. If desks need to be moved around because new teams are formed or the office grows, an open office plan makes reorganizing simpler. It also makes it easier for employees to switch to new seats or simply get a change of scenery while working.

Less of a hierarchy

While those at the highest levels of management may still have an office, individual managers and supervisors can sit with or close to the employees they’re managing. Instead of closeting away your entire management team, an open office reduces the sense of a hierarchy and makes management seem more approachable and leads to open discussion of issues.

Improved mental health

Being around other people means employees are less likely to feel isolated and struggle with mental health issues that go along with that loneliness. An open office allows workers to feel connected with the people around them and supported. Sitting close to other people means employees feel less alone and better connected to those around them.

Networking in the office

In more closed-off offices, it’s incredibly difficult for employees to get to know one another, especially if they work in separate departments. An open office makes it easier for employees to talk to one another and simply just identify other people who work at the company. Employees can network with each other, find new opportunities, and share useful information.

Better communication

A major issue in many offices is that people simply do not talk to one another. If people communicated better, many issues could be avoided and more easily resolved. An open office makes is easier for someone to simply walk to another desk to discuss a question or idea instead of trying to communicate over email.