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As a business owner, you want to populate your business with the best possible employees. You’ll want to hire individuals who are talented at what they do, have ambition that fuels their productivity, and give off a positive vibe. It can be difficult to select the right people when a brief resume and a short interview are all you have to go on, so you need to learn how to attract great employees and determine if they’re a great fit for the job during your initial interactions. These tips might help you make better choices as you sort through your pile of candidates and find who’s going to be the best fit for your business.

Specify what you’re seeking

Many times, hiring managers and employers are cursed with stacks of resumes from undesirable candidates, because their job descriptions aren’t specific enough. When you provide clear requirements for the opening, you’ll get fewer responses. Those candidates that do respond will be better qualified for the position.

Ask for referrals

When you share news about the opening with your employees and ask them to recommend candidates, you’ll get a more selective pool of applicants. These individuals will already be familiar with the company culture and the objectives of the business. Additionally, your employees will know what type of people you want to hire, so they’ll only recommend worthwhile professionals.

Education may be better than experience

Someone with years of experience may be set in their ways, which means they’ll be unlikely to adapt to your needs and the specific way your company operates. Conversely, someone with less experience and more recent education and training may bring fresh ideas and knowledge of new concepts, technologies, and practices. It’s often a trade-off, so it’s important to consider which one is really more important to the open position.

Follow through with new hires

New hires can get lost in the shuffle once they’re orientated and, left to their own devices, they may quickly feel abandoned. If their duties are especially fast-paced, they may begin to feel as though they’ve been dumped into a high-demand position to sink or swim. This confusion is why many employers see a high rate of turnaround. To avoid this issue, try to check in with new employees regularly. Ask how they’re fitting in and offer feedback on their performance.

Hiring new employees ultimately comes down to your own instincts. However, following these tips can help you narrow down the possible candidates to the most qualified individuals. This method helps reduce the chances of making a poor choice in bringing a new individual onto your well-functioning team.